We are encouraged to GIVE, as we become a blessing to our Church and Community!! We believe in giving back to God through our borrowed time (volunteer), talent (gifts) & treasure (finances) to the storehouse. The bible teaches us the principles of "reaping and sowing" into fertile ground. We invite you to plant your seeds in this ministry through your giving relationship and trust Him to meet you where you’d like Him to elevate you.

St. Luke 6:38 (Exposition of Scripture)
Give liberally of your worldly substance to indigent persons, as you have an opportunity, according to your ability, and as cases require: and it shall be returned again to great advantage; with great recompense, either in temporals or spirituals, or both.

7 Tithes-01-01

"If all the tithes of our people flowed into the treasury of the Lord as they should, such blessings would be received that gifts and offerings for sacred purposes would be multiplied tenfold, and thus the channel between God and man would be kept open. The followers of Christ should not wait for thrilling missionary appeals to arouse them to action. If spiritually awake, they would hear in the income of every week, whether much or little, the voice of God and of conscience with authority demanding the tithes and offerings due the Lord.”


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